Speaking in tongues success

Enterprise and Languages went together like a cheval and wagen at the recent Eurofest Exhibition held at Selby College.

20 Sherburn year eight students to part along with pupils from three other local schools in a competition to promote languages and how their relevance in the world of work.

The students designed products which included translator teddies and machines, hard drives and fancy mobile phone covers. They then produced the marketing resources to promote them in French and German. Other students worked on Tourist Information stands extolling the virtues of Paris and Kamp-Bornhofen in Germany.

Adults from industry and students from York University played the role of customers and our students warmed to the idea of selling their goods in another language.

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Neil Snowdon said: “Sherburn High won two awards – best use of German and best trade stand – to mark a very successful day. Despite complaining about tired legs our young people thoroughly enjoyed their brief excursion into the world of business.’