Slideshow: Chapter and verse on world book day for Doncaster youngsters

Books ruled the roost in schools across Doncaster as hundreds of children dressed up to mark World Book Day.

Youngsters marked the occastion by dressing up as their favourite characters from books as schools lined up special programmes of events for the day, which was on Thursday.

Sophie Woodhouse (3) as Goldilocks and her big sister Bethany (7) as Dorothy.

Sophie Woodhouse (3) as Goldilocks and her big sister Bethany (7) as Dorothy.

Typical of the activities going on was the programme of events at Balby Carr Academy, where they started the school with a family reading session for Year seven and year eight pupils students and their parents and carers.

They went on to have a Drop Everything and Read session which lasted for 20 minutes, during which everyone in school stopped what they were doing and read for pleasure.

During a Book Badge Challenge, each department was asked to represent one fiction book of their choice. Staff wearing a badge with the name of one character from that book. Pupils were given a challenge sheet and their task throughout the day was to write down as many characters as they can to be able to guess each department’s book. Pupils gaining the most answers were given prizes.

At Brooke Primary School in Thorne, staff were delighted with pupils faciny dress efforts. Teacher Chris Whitfield said: “The children really got in to the spirit of things.”

Meanwhile, at Danum School, Intake, it was more educate than exterminate as a Dalek stole the show during a Doctor Who themed event.

The full-sized replica of one of the best known baddies in television history trundled into the school on Armthorpe Road, Intake, to mark World Book Day, accompanied by Dan Blythe, an author behind a string of Doctor Who novels.

The remote controlled Dalek was brought in by its owner, Rob Hull, aged 53, from Scawthorpe, who holds the record for the largest collection of model Daleks, which numbers over 1,200 pieces,

A school spokesman said: “There is nothing Daniel and Rob do not know about Doctor Who or Daleks. Students were amazed, and a little scared.

Danum Academy Librarian Lynne Coppendale said: “As a Doctor Who fan myself it was a fantastic day, I am so thrilled Rob came with his Dalek. I was so excited. It was such a fabulous day. As our Literacy Coordinator Miss Moverley and I keep saying, reading really is fun.”