Sheffield students go mad for science


Students at a Sheffield school are going mad for science.

Youngsters who attend Wales High School have been signing up to watch things pop, erupt, burn and bubble as members of the Mad Scientist Club.

The club is designed for the younger children who recently joined the school.

Miss Lucy Brown, teacher of science and Mad Scientist leader explained: “Mad Scientists intends to show how much fun science can be.

“Mad Scientists club offers a fantastic experience to students filled with things designed to amaze them. Week-by-week Mad Scientists pushes the limits of reality by making things pop, change colour, erupt, burn and bubble.

“In addition, touching slimy things and making things disappear. Throughout the year this club showcases some of the most spectacular demonstrations science has seen.”

“Mad Scientist club is very exciting. There is exciting experiments and great explosions,” said pupil Jack Allerton. 

Tom Cleasby added: “You get to see amazing experiments, Mr Baxter set his hands on fire once.” 

The club takes place every Monday lunchtime.