Sheffield schools foster growth with community

Reignhead Primary pupils
Reignhead Primary pupils

Links between a community group and primary schools in the Beighton area of Sheffield are growing in strength as joint environmental projects continue to thrive.

Sunflower seed planting is an annual event at Reignhead Primary School. Members of Beighton Environment Group supply seeds and go in to school to explain the growing process to the children and then help them to plant their seeds in plastic cups.

Staff member Debbie Matthews explained: “The school has strong links with the Beighton Environment Group and we support their efforts where possible to improve the environment in Beighton.”

At seed planting time, some of the seeds are take home by children then returned as plants to see who has grown the tallest specimen. Others are used in school for a series of science experiments.

Reignhead is a Green Flag school and qualified last year for its fifth Green Flag - an honour that no other Sheffield area school has yet achieved.

“Looking after the environment and learning about plants is all part of that ethos,” said Ms Matthews. “The school has its own allotment and children are able to attend gardening groups after school.”

Pupils have been keeping fit by taking part in the Big Pedal challenge. Last year they completed cycling 822 journeys in two weeks.

At Beighton Nursery and Infants’ School, reception class children planted tomato seeds in plastic pots with members of the Environment Group for the second year, and will grow them on to produce tomatoes with the help of their parents at home. Teacher Kimberley Tryno said: “Pupils are eagerly awaiting any signs of a shoot and report back on progress each day. Each class has a plant in school, and the children have written about the project on their class blogs.”