School fined £8k by parents over teachers’ strike


Angry parents have issued a Doncaster primary school with an £8,000 fine for disruption caused by the teachers’ strike.

Hundreds of parents signed a letter demanding that Carcroft Primary pay a £60 fine per child after it was forced to close yesterday because of the industrial action which saw 66 schools in Doncaster either closed or partially closed.

Parents say they are annoyed that they face a fine if they take their child out of lessons during term time but the school is able to close due to strike action and teacher training days.

One parent, who did not want to be named said: “It’s double standards, they’re quite happy to send us fines if our child misses a day of school but it’s a different story when they decide to close the school for a strike.

“It’s not fair why should we be expected to pay fines but they can close the school for teacher training days and strikes whenever they feel like it?”

Acting headteacher Emily Clark said: “I would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to parents but there is no legal mechanism for parents to fine the school over a strike. I am unable to change this decision by staff members and have to put the safety of children first. “

The move by parents comes after the Free Press revealed that the number of parents fined under the rules designed to stop parents taking children out of school to go on holiday had more than doubled. In the last six months Doncaster Council has ordered 556 parents to pay £60 fines.