Rotherham schools lag behind


Over a quarter of Rotherham schools are failing or require improvement, according to latest figures from inspection watchdog Ofsted.

A new report provides a snapshot of the effectiveness of all the town’s schools as judged by Ofsted at the end of 2013.

On that date eight were ‘failing’ and were in special measures, while 23 were in the ‘requiring improvement’ category.

Overall 26 per cent were failing to meet standards that would have seen them rated as good or outstanding. Of Rotherham’s 122 schools 16 are ‘outstanding’ while 75 are ‘good’.

It means Rotherham is lagging behind national averages - across the country 21 per cent are in the bottom two categories, while for Yorkshire and the Humber the figure is 26. Standards at schools in the town appear to be improving – figures for August 2012 showed at that time 31 per cent of schools failed to reach the two top grades, compared with 26 per cent in December last year.

Karen Borthwick, Head of the School Effectiveness Service for Rotherham Borough Council, said the authority will continue to work closely with all its schools to raise standards.

She added: “A range of strategies are being used to achieve these improvements and we are seeing the signs that they are working, reflected by the removal of schools from the special measures category, the amalgamation of schools as well as sponsor-led academy conversions.”