Pupils are on a ‘run to Rio’ from Doncaster

Saltersgate pupils on their run to Rio
Saltersgate pupils on their run to Rio

An Olympic-style effort is underway by primary school pupils who are set to ‘run to Rio’!

Pupils at Saltersgate Junior School are running the equivalent of the distance between their school in Scawsby and Rio, in Brazil, where this summer’s Olympic games are to take place.

They are making their attempt to cover 5,848 miles by running the cross country course at school in each PE lesson. The distances run by all the children will be totted up and by the end of the academic year it is hoped they will have reached their destination.

Year six teacher Alex Thomas who instigated the idea said: “All the children are thriving on the challenge and are really enjoying running. Pupils are determined to beat their previous distances and are resolute in achieving our whole school goal in running to Rio.

“The initiative has certainly built up the children’s resilience, determination and, of course, fitness. It also accomplishes the National Curriculum aims such as; pupils have the ability to be physically active for sustained periods of time, are able to engage in competitive sports and activities and are supported to lead healthy and active lifestyles.”

He continued: “If each child runs the equivalent of one mile per PE session, we will reach our target of 5848 miles.”

Finally, the schol intends to hold its own Rio carnival to celebrate the children’s achievements. This day will tie in with an annual ‘Healthy Day’ and will encourage children to taste exotic fruits, take part in Zumba dancing and much more.

Mr Thomas added: “We believe that this distinctive initiative will help children to engage in physical activity for sustained periods of time, learn about the benefits of healthy activity and enjoy taking part in a once in a lifetime challenge!”