Playground farming for Dearne youngsters

Goldthorpe Primary School with NFU visitors for Breakfast Week
Goldthorpe Primary School with NFU visitors for Breakfast Week

Milking a cow, handling a friendly hen and mounting a tractor were all in a day’s work for children at Goldthorpe Primary School.

As part of Breakfast Week, pupils became more aware of the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, and learned about foodstuffs that are produced around the country and make their way on to the breakfast table.

Visitors to school included Rachael Gillbanks of the NFU, and David Etheridge of Farming and Countryside Education, who addressed whole school assemblies and ran three class workshops.

Along with milking a model cow, pupils made butter from cream, and tried scrambled egg on toast.

David Etheridge, FACE Regional Education Coordinator, said: “We were delighted to help support the good work that Goldthorpe Primary School already does and we hope that the children have a better understanding of the people and processes that are needed to get fresh, healthy ingredients into the shops and onto their plates.”

Teacher and Eco-Schools Ambassador, Christopher Wharton-Lovett said: “The children and the teachers learnt so much about our local farming industry. Some pupils were inspired to consider farming as a future career.”