Mountaineer guides Sheffield schoolchildren

Sheffield High pupils listen to Bonita Morris
Sheffield High pupils listen to Bonita Morris

Record-breaking mountaineer Bonita Morris took time out to visit Sheffield schools and encourage pupils to aim high.

Bonita talked to youngsters at Wybourn Community Primary School, Sheffield High School and Bradway Primary School about how she planned her famous ascent of Mount Everest.

She also visited climbing centre Awesome Walls to teach beginner and advanced climbers for an afternoon.

Deputy Head of Wybourn School, Julian Wood, said: “Our pupils were inspired and enthused. Bonita is a fantastic example of outdoor learning and this definitely matched our school’s aims of encouraging pupils to venture in to the outdoors.”

Bonita is linked to lingerie, sport and swim specialists Panache, and the company’s head of marketing, Jennie Bianco, talked about the brand’s selection procedure for its models, to students at Sheffield High School during their ‘body positivity week’. Bonita was able to convey the benefits of fuelling your body well and aiming to be strong rather than thin.

The High School’s Amy Bouchier said: “Bonita talked about the importance of having a healthy body and mind to enable you to achieve your dreams. Her honest advice focused on the amazing human ability to achieve almost anything when you put your mind to it.”

Speaking about her interaction at the schools she had visited, afterwards, Bonita Norris said: “It was such a pleasure visiting the pupils at the school, they were so inquisitive and full of energy. I’m pleased I was able to share my experiences and inspire children through my partnership with Panache.”

Jennie Bianco added that they wanted to share Bonita’s passion for the outdoors with schools in their home town of Sheffield as she fronts their 2016 sport shoot. Bonita conquered Everest aged just 22, She was inspired by survival expert Bear Grylls and a year before her ascent had never climbed a mountain.