Library jobs cutback fear

Conisbrough Library
Conisbrough Library

Workers at Conisbrough Library are facing an uncertain future as Doncaster Council decides where the next set of service cutbacks will hit.

Fears have surfaced that the library, which has three permanent staff could become a community library run by volunteers.

Doncaster Council says there are no planned library closures, but hard decisions have to be made in 2014.

The authority has to make cutbacks in services of £109 million over the next three years with £38 million in the next financial year.

Denaby and Carcroft Library were axed in the last round of library cuts in 2012 which saw 12 Doncaster libraries becoming volunteer led.

A source who did not want to be identified, said: ”I understand the workers are very concerned about losing their jobs. The general feeling is that Mexborough library will be saved at the expense of ours, which will be changed into a community library run by volunteers.”

A spokesman for Doncaster Council said: “No decisions have been made specifically about Conisbrough Library. We will know a lot more in the New Year when decisions on particular savings are going to be made.

He added: “A lot of volunteers who have taken over community libraries, in Warmsworth for instance are doing a wonderful job.”