Isle pupils get close to nature

Pupils from Westwoodside at austerfield
Pupils from Westwoodside at austerfield

Activities from making bird feeders to meeting unusual creatures filled a day at Austerfield Study Centre, for Westwoodside C of E Primary School pupils.

A woodland walk and time spent searching for squirrel nests using mirrors among the trees, then negotiating the trim trail with its challenges involving balancing, climbing, swinging and swaying movement, was followed by a visit to the animal house.

Here, pupils met and handled a variety of creatures from a Mexican tarantula, to a giant millipede and Boss, a bearded dragon.

Along with Boss, Cornelius, the grass snake made an appearance and was happy to be stroked.

Some parent helpers overcame their fears to handle some of the hairier or more scary looking creatures too.

Assistant head Helen Spowage said: “Young children learn through hands on experiences and this visit was no exception! Learning has to be fun.”