Improvement call despite standards rise

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

Standards in reading, writing and maths rose sharply at Pheasant Bank Academy, Rossington, this year, say Ofsted.

The primary school on West End Lane has good teaching in Year 6, and especially in reading and writing, and inspectors said pupils were helped to quickly close any gap in learning.

Pupils feel safe in the academy, are cared for well, and are taught how to keep safe.

Parents and staff are generally positive about the academy, and the new executive principal is described as taking a strong lead in making improvements.

But the report said the school still required improvement in all the areas which were inspected.

It said teaching was not consistently good, and pupils’ knowledge and skills in spoken English, reading and mathematics were not high enough.

Lessons were planned thoroughly, but not enough attention was given to ensuring the work was challenging enough for all pupils, especially the most able.

Marking was variable in how well it let pupils know about what they learned well.

And in some lessons low level disruption hampered pupils’ progress.