Going green at St Alban’s

With environmental issues moving further up the curriculum it’s no surprise to find everything is going green at St Alban’s Catholic School, Denaby.

Pupils are taking part in several projects to learn all about sustainable and eco-friendly living.

St Albans has just won a competition to have solar panels installed on the roof - and headteacher Jo Ayres explained how pupils were learning about how power from the sun is being used to produce electricity for the school.

Said Jo: “The panels were fitted before half term and we thought what better way is there to teach about the importance of natural energy resources?

“We have three electricity meters and a display panel for the children to see how much the panels are producing and the level we are reducing our carbon footprint.

“The children are taking readings and monitoring the weather too, to see how it all works.

“We have just started the beginning of the journey, the staff are getting to grips with it all and all Key Stage 2 pupils are involved in learning about it. After Easter the smaller children will work alongside them to help them understand it and in September we will see how the panels produce electricity over the whole school year ”.

Over the period of Lent, the school is also selling bottled water, donated by Asda, with the proceeds donated to the Catholic Overseas Development Agency (CATHOD). Pupils have recently learned about the importance of conserving water - and the plastic bottles are being sent for recycling. “All this helps children to understand the idea of sustainable living and saving our environment”, said Jo..

Pupils are also looking forward to learning more about sustainability when they visit at the brand new Kingswood Dearne Valley activity centre, just down the road.

Youngsters recently took part in World Book Week, dressing up in costumes of their favourite story characters with visiting storytellers and a nearly-new book sale.

Ms Ayres added: “The children and staff were all really excited about it all. Pupils brought books in and we had a particularly good response to our sale of titles for adults. It was great fun for everyone. The sale raised £140”. And adding to the emerald theme, the school is celebrating St Patrick’s Day a day early on Friday by wearing green and drinking water in green bottles!