Doncaster nursery celebrates ‘good’ Ofsted rating


A Doncaster nursery for youngsters with school age parents is celebrating being rated as ‘good’ in a latest Government inspection.

Ofsted inspectors said Young Parents Centre Nursery, on Cedar Road, has “highly effective partnerships with parents and external agencies” and “very good understanding of safeguarding.”

The nursery was also praised for its “highly successful strategies” and “staff having a secure understanding of child development”.

Kath Formby, Headteacher at Maple Medical PRU (Pupil Referral Unit), said: “We are very pleased with this inspection as we are working very hard to provide the right service to cater for the very complex needs of such young children.

“Much of this involves working closely with parents to support them – we provide parenting skills classes and promote healthy lifestyles and food choices. We also have a strong focus on literacy – building close links to the local library.”

Assistant Headteacher Clare Tomlinson, who has responsibility for the Young Parents Centre, added: “Our staff have also worked hard to design and develop a room that is warm and welcoming and reflect a homely environment. We will continue to work hard on the recommendations from the report.”

The report said the nursery needs to build on the existing good practice to further support children’s earliest language development and provide regular opportunities for babies to explore their surroundings independently, so they can experience challenge.

Young Parents Centre Nursery was registered in 2013 on the Early Years Register. It is situated in the grounds of the Maple Medical Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) in Balby which is for young people with special mental or physical needs. The nursery serves young parents who attend the unit.