Doncaster literacy team partners up with celebrated author

Author Daniel Blythe with Danum Academy pupils (l-r) Aaron Fretwell, Kayleigh Grant and Ben Farmer. Picture: Andrew Roe
Author Daniel Blythe with Danum Academy pupils (l-r) Aaron Fretwell, Kayleigh Grant and Ben Farmer. Picture: Andrew Roe

Danum Academy’s Literacy team is thrilled to announce its partnership with celebrated author Daniel Blythe, as he begins his role as Danum’s Patron of Reading.

A Patron of Reading is a school’s special, designated children’s author with whom the school forms a personal attachment to promote the joys of reading and writing.

Daniel has had 14 books published in the last 20 years including three titles in the official Doctor Who novel tie-in series, and has worked in over 350 schools nationwide.

Officially launching the scheme at a celebration lunch and assembly on 10th September, Daniel will be developing a close relationship with the school through competitions, events, activities, and most importantly encouragement and enthusiasm in supporting Danum’s students in their creative endeavours.

Daniel is delighted to have been asked to undertake this role, “I’m delighted and honoured that Danum Academy has asked me to be its official Patron of Reading. Writers, especially those of us who write for children and young people, like to get out and about and spread the word, meet readers and get people reading and writing! When I was at school, the library was my sanctuary - immersing myself in the worlds I discovered in the books I found there helped me to fulfil my dream of becoming a professional writer, and even to write Doctor Who stories for a living! I’m looking forward to working with the staff and pupils at Danum, lots of whom will know me already, and getting lots of exciting activities going over the next year. I may even bring my Sonic Screwdriver so they can’t keep me out.”

Abigail Moverley, leader of the project, was delighted with the plans and stated that “Danum are looking forward to working frequently with a published author and are sure he will inspire our pupils in many ways. If we talk about literacy, we have to talk about how to enhance and increase the variety of opportunities our pupils have that lead to intelligent, creative, and involved lives. I sincerely believe that Daniel Blythe will be one of those opportunities”.

Danum Librarian Lynne Coppendale is particularly thrilled with the scheme, “Reading, writing and imagination are all key in improving a child’s chances of future success and there is no better way of doing this than having a close relationship with a person successful in their specialist creative field. Daniel is well known to Danum Academy, indeed to all Doncaster schools, so we are excited to have ‘nabbed’ him before anyone else!”