Doncaster council welcomes good Ofsted rating

Doncaster elected mayor Ros Jones
Doncaster elected mayor Ros Jones

Doncaster Council has been given a Good rating by Ofsted following a recent inspection of its Apprenticeship and Adult, Family & Community Learning Provision.

The council’s provision for apprentices and adults returning to learning has been praised in the Ofsted report.

Ofsted recognised the ‘good’ teaching and learning across its programmes and the opportunities that are attracting learners from a wide range of backgrounds, including those from the most disadvantaged areas.

The council has increased its recruitment through the apprenticeships route in recent years and Ofsted recognised the progress apprentices make in developing good job related skills, as well as the value managers place on their contribution.

Every year the council and its partners support hundreds of residents to improve their skills whether in maths and English, employability skills or supporting families to thrive.

Ofsted reported on the high quality of adult, family and community learning where “tutors are well qualified and use a wide range of teaching activities to engage people successfully in their learning.

"As a result, they make good progress in developing their personal, social and employability skills,” it said

One learner commented on the difference this flexible learning makes: “This class is very important for me because as a mum of three children I don't have time to go to the college and study full time or even part time.”

Mayor Ros Jones said: “We’ve had great success with our apprentice programme, exceeding my pledge by creating well over 1000 new apprenticeships since 2013.

"However, it is not just about numbers, but the quality of apprenticeships on offer, so I am very pleased with this good Ofsted rating.

"It emphasises the hard work going on across the council to provide opportunities for residents, young and old, from all backgrounds.

"It is very difficult for local authorities to get a good rating under the current framework, so I am particularly pleased that Ofsted have recognised what we are doing in Doncaster in this way.”

The positive Ofsted report comes as the council continues its education and skills improvement programme, which so far has included an independent audit by expert commissioners in 2016 and a concerted drive to provide more opportunities for young people through apprenticeships and other channels.