Class act of Doncaster ex drink and drug misusers

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NEWS: News.

Former drink and drug addicts are going back to the classroom as a way to move on from their troubled pasts.

The dozens of people who took part in a taster course organised by the Doncaster West Development Trust have now all signed up to return to the classroom.

They completed their courses at Barnsley’s Northern College as part of DWDT’s Moving On project.

One Thorne woman in her 30s with previous heroin and alcohol problems said the experience had changed her life.

She has stopped misusing substances and applied for another college place, while a Balby man in rehabilitation has been bitten by the learning bug, progressing to computer studies and online maths.

Beginning with a three-day residential course in counselling earlier this year, learners discovered an interest in education, gained a fresh focus and enjoyed the scenic setting of Wentworth Castle grounds.

DWDT support worker Rob Keane said: “Many have had no experience of education since their school days.

“The positive response we get when they pluck up the courage to attend makes all the effort worthwhile.”