Campaigning students ‘Right not a Fight’


Campaigning students from Doncaster will head to Manchester today (June 17) to fight for the rights of students with learning difficulties or disabilities.

The students and tutors from the Communication Specialist College, will stand alongside colleagues from other specialist colleges across the country to launch the ‘A Right not a Fight’ campaign, which is also taking place simultaneously in London.

Executive principal of the college, Alan Robinson, said: “This is a very important campaign for our students and we are pleased to be able to take a group of them to Manchester to be a part of this.

“The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the continued difficulties that face our students and families in finding out about the specialist further education provision that is available, applying for funding for FE specialist provision that meets all a student’s needs to complete their programme of study and securing a place at a specialist college.

“We are supporting Natspec – the Association of National Specialist Colleges – to launch the student campaign and with new legislation - The Children and Families Act - coming into effect in September we need to work together to help government understand the barriers and concerns that our students and families face.”

Students will be handing out the new Natspec Directory, showing how important it is for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities to get information about all the Specialist Colleges in England and Wales, including our own college.

The launch event is an opportunity for students and families to tell their story and share their experiences of the difficulties they face in securing a college place.

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