Ed Miliband Wallace and Gromit spoof cartoon goes viral

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A cartoon showing Labour leader Ed Miliband as Wallace from Wallace and Gromit has gone viral on the internet.

A computer generated image of the Doncaster North MP wearing the plasticine character’s robotic trousers from 1993 film The Wrong Trousers has been spread by thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks since being uploaded last week.

The picture was created by a cult internet artist who goes under the name “Jim’ll Paint It” who produces bizarre pictures of celebrities using the Microsoft Paint programme which have been submitted by internet users.

The drawing shows Mr Milband walking down Birmingham’s James Turner Street - the setting for recent controversial Channel 4 series Benefits Street about benefit scroungers - dressed in the green robotic trousers.

To add to the surreal nature of the picture, which is not reproduced in full, a beer-swilling and track suit clad Cliff Richard is watching the action from a nearby sofa while comedienne Jo Brand is seen pursuing Mr Miliband with a whip and wearing little in the way of clothing.

The picture had received more than 18,000 likes on Facebook yesterday and had been shared more than 4,500 times as well as being going viral on Twitter.

Mr Miliband and often being compared to bearing a resemblance to cartoon favourite Wallace and in June 2012 he admitted to looking like the character, voiced by actor Peter Sallis, in a speech.

Commenting on his roots, his image and beliefs he said: “This is who I am. The son of a Jewish refugee and Marxist academic. A Leeds supporter from north London. A baseball fan

“Somebody who looks a bit like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. If spin doctors could design a politician, I suspect he wouldn’t look like me.”

Prime Minister David Cameron has also poked fun at Mr Miliband’s similarity to the character and tabloid newspapers have also lampooned the politician as Wallace in the past.

Mr Miliband is the latest Doncaster celebrity to be lampooned by the artist. Previous efforts have included Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson being unable to eat a bowl of cereal and big-voiced actor Brian Blessed racing rap star Goldie on a Henry vacuum cleaner.