Eco warrior says there is ‘no excuse to use plastic’

Seeing turtles stricken with straws stuck in their noses inspired a Doncaster fitness instructor to campaign against single use plastics.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 12:46 pm
Julia Marshall at Art and Eco.

Cleaning up the world from Thailand to Toll Bar, is now a major goak for Julia Marshall, 46, from Love Our Land UK.

She is a local activist from Toll Bar who wants more people to banish plastic from their lives.

She said: “There is no excuse to use plastic, you can replace everything in your life with an eco product.

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“There are so many things you can buy that are not synthetic.

“Even things you wouldn’t think of such as toothbrushes can be made environmentally friendly.

“They can be made from the husks of wheat which feels exactly the same as plastic but is so much better for the environment.”

Julia is by day a fitness instructor but has a long history with environmental activism she has been involved in litter picks in her home area of Toll Bar and made over 800 eco bricks from wasteful plastic.

“I want to raise awareness of all the unnecessary plastic we use in everyday life, I want people to have a mindful approach when they shop and be aware of just how much plastic they’re throwing away,” Julia continued.

Her activism is not limited to the UK as Julia lived in Thailand for many years, in that time she took part in 1,000 beach cleans.

She said: “I’ve seen turtles with straws up their noses and the devastation that plastic causes all over the world.

“People shouldn’t think they can’t make a difference, every piece of plastic you do not use helps.”

Julia sells eco friendly products in the stall Art and Eco in the New Wool Market in hope that more people will get on board with the eco friendly way of life.

You can find bamboo bowls, toothbrushes and even jumpers made from recycled plastic.