Eco friendly houses in Doncaster would help the environment and save home owners 90% on their energy bills

Zero carbon homes could be the way forward for Doncaster, say Green Party members.

Friday, 23rd August 2019, 12:56 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 9:18 am
© Picture by Morgan O'Driscoll Photography 21-4-2010 Picture shows Passivhaus building at Denby Dale on behalf of Green Building Store. Further Info Telephone: 01756 709990 0779 679 3782

Doncaster’s Green Party is going to be campaigning for houses with solar panels and low energy called Passivhaus to be built in the town.

Passivhaus homes have already been built in other areas of the UK including Sheffield, Norwich and Kirklees.

Ann Gilbert is the prospective parliamentary candidate for Doncaster North for the Green Party. She will be campaigning for with the Green Party for Doncaster Council to consider building Passivhaus-style properties in Doncaster as part of the Local Plan.

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She said: “They fit in, they don’t look out of place and they’re great for the environment.

“They cost peanuts to run as the fuel bills are so low - that would help any Doncaster family.

“The standards for these homes are high - insulation and solar panels.”

A Passivhaus - it translates as passive house in English - is designed for ultra-low energy consumption combined with consistently good internal air quality.

This is achieved with super-insulation, thermal bridge free design, heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) and highly controlled air infiltration rates.

Ann said: “Typically, energy demand in properties built to the Passivhaus standards are 90 per cent less than in homes built to current building regulation standards.

“This can mean energy bills of less than £100 a year for the average household.”

Even though these houses were designed in Germany they do not look out of place on an English street, she says.

Ann said: “There are lots of different designs for properties built to the Passivhaus standard and they don’t have to look much different from a standard property.”

Mayor Ros Jones, said: “Responding to the challenge of climate change is not just about reducing emissions it is about our ambitions for the type of borough we want to see in the future, how we hold and protect and enhance the natural and built environment for future generations, the type of economy that is innovative and inclusive built on clean growth and decent wages and the type of health and care system that is sustainable and responsive to future demands that will be placed upon it.

“The potential expansion in clean and green growth is one particular example of acting globally whilst protecting our borough for future generations, providing skilled employment and economic growth for Doncaster.

“These are our ambitions for Doncaster, and we will be utilising the resources we have to work towards these ambitions, on the backdrop of continued government cuts, with a £15 million budget gap to meet for 2020/21.”