Drug binge machete man jailed after appalling attack in South Yorkshire shop

A man who went berserk and attacked an innocent Balby shopper with a machete has been jailed for ten years.

Friday, 26th August 2016, 10:50 am
Updated Friday, 26th August 2016, 11:54 am
Thomas Hotterwell. Photograph property of South Yorkshire Police.

Thomas Hotterwell went on a three-day drink and drugs binge before ‘losing it’ after being banned from Sainsbury’s Local in Hall Flat Lane.

He threw two bottles of lager at customer Daniel Duggan before later confronting him in his car outside.

In front of horrified onlookers, Hotterwell slashed Mr Duggan’s wrist before he sought sanctuary in a nearby shop.

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The victim suffered a ‘spaghetti’ left wrist with all the tendons and nerves severed and he now has little feeling in that hand.

Hotterwell, aged 24, vacated his chair in Doncaster Prison as he was jailed by a judge over a Sheffield Crown Court videolink.

A prison officer emerged to say: “He has thrown his toys out of the cot and has done some damage to my office.”

Hotterwell, formerly of Springwell Lane, Balby has an appalling record for violence.

He was given six months detention in 2009 for threatening a paramedic with a knife and was jailed for 16 months in 2013 when again he was high on drink and drugs and threatened workmen with a piece of wood outside a house at High Street, Balby.

He received a further eight-month jail term last year for another assault.

Carl Fitch, prosecuting, said Hotterwell had been banned from the Sainsbury’s Local but returned later the same day.

Mr Duggan had just popped in to buy some cigarettes and Hotterwell was behind him in the queue.

When Hotterwell was refused service by staff words were exchanged and he launched an attack on Mr Duggan.

His victim escaped the bottles but Hotterwell later returned with a machete and Mr Duggan was trying to fend off the assault when he was slashed.

Left-handed Mr Duggan, a former body builder and boxer who needs painkillers to sleep, has had surgery but is unlikely to get back the full use of his hand.

Hotterwell, of no fixed address, admitted assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, possessing an offensive weapon, affray and criminal damage on March 27.

Brigid Baillie, defending, said he had adult ADHD and learning difficulties as well as a “very low” IQ.

It was his “frustration and impulsivity” which led to his violent behaviour although he had been able to hold down a job as a railway worker.

Psychologists had assessed him as being at ‘moderate’ risk of acting violently.

The attack on Mr Duggan happened after he lost his accomodation and went to stay with his mother. She told him she had cancer and he went on a binge.

“It was three days of drink and drugs,” said Miss Baillie.

The judge Recorder Paul Isaacs said Mr Duggan had the ‘misfortune’ to be in the same queue as Hotterwell.

He told the defendant: “Whatever he said will have been innocuous but it was sufficient for you effectively to lose control.”

The judge went on: “When you use a machete in the way you did one can only intend to cause really serious harm.