Don't try this at home

Having television and internet provides us with a great source of information and advice. We can get ideas on anything from how to clean our windows to technical tips on our phones or computers.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 25th March 2017, 9:00 am

Then there’s the DIY programmes and YouTube telling you how to… But its important we make an informed decision when looking at some of the advice. How many of these would you try? Put potatoes on your forehead to reduce a fever. Use egg shell membrane to draw the infection from a boil. Take pickle juice to prevent muscle spasms. Put butter on a burn. Or for the dog? Put him in a box to calm him down. Feed lots of tomatoes to stop the dogs pee burning the grass in the garden. To truly bond with your dog spit once into his mouth. Burn off a tick with a cigarette or cover it with Vaseline. By the way Do NOT try any of these at home or anywhere else for that matter. Some things come with a health warning or advise you to not try this at home or suggest you seek professional advise before attempting these techniques. But sometimes they don’t. I am an avid reader and viewer of articles, videos and programmes on dog training. As a trainer I will frequently refer clients to certain videos or articles. I have some favoured You tube channels that I consider reliable and easy to follow when it comes to the basics or tips on teaching a trick for example. But when it comes down to more specific issues from pulling on lead to barking, fear or aggression that’s when it needs more specific, individual advice. However easy it looks or how quick the fix appears when it comes to either my own or especially my dogs health, well being and safety there are certain things I feel are best left to those with the experience, knowledge or professionalism. I wouldn’t put my dog in a box to calm him down because it said so on the internet. Nor would I spit in his mouth. If you have a specific medical issue you would seek the advice of a qualified doctor. If your dog has specific issues seek the advice of a qualified trainer.

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