Don't ask to wee in our helmets, Doncaster police tell Mad Friday revellers

Police in Doncaster have told revellers heading into town this Mad Friday: "Don't ask to wee in our helmets."

Friday, 18th December 2015, 3:09 pm
Police have issued a warning to revellers in Doncaster tonight.

Force chiefs have issued some tongue-in-cheek advice for revellers on what is expected to be Doncaster's busiest night of the year.

Posting on the Doncaster East Local Policing Team Facebook page, officers have issued a list of do's and don'ts for those heading out tonight.

It said: "Some of Doncaster's finest are out in the Town Centre tonight, looking after the revellers.

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"Before you approach them with what you think is an original question, please see the list below."

1. No. You cannot wee in our helmets. Whether you are pregnant or otherwise.

2. Please do not be offended if you ask us for a selfie and some of us say no. It's not you. It's us. Some of us are extremely shy and some of us definitely aren't photogenic. Honestly.

3. Please don't ask us for a lift home. The reply may offend you if it isn't for a genuine emergency.

4.If you come up to us with your arms out saying 'arrest me', we probably wont. But thanks.

5. If you point to your mate and say 'he's here. He's here. Arrest him', again, we probably wont. And if we don't look amused, it's because I guarantee, you wont have been the first person to have said it.

Please approach us if you have a genuine query or concern. We're always here to help and occasionally, we may crack a smile!

Enjoy your night in Doncaster.

Thousands of drinkers are expected on the streets tonight - traditionally the busiest day of the year for Doncaster pubs and clubs.