Doncaster's shocking timeline of violence as police probe latest serious incident

Large parts of Doncaster city centre have been sealed off by police once more this morning as officers deal with yet another serious incident.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 6th July 2022, 10:45 am

It comes just days after a 38-year-old man was arrested and charged with murder after a 28-year-old man suffered fatal injuries in an incident in South Parade.

The cordon is also at the scene where three people have already died this year.

Parts of Doncaster city centre have been sealed off by police.

It is the latest incident in a shocking timeline of murder investigations, shootings, stabbings, rapes, sexual assaults and other violent incidents in just 18 months.

And it is the latest in a long line of serious incidents in Silver Street alone – with a string of police investigations over the years.

While some of the incidents are unconnected, South Yorkshire Police say a number of the attacks are part of an ongoing gang feud which has seen rival groups wage war across the city.

Add a series of rapes and sexual assaults into the terrifying mix of gun and knife crime and it paints for a shocking picture of crime in Doncaster across 2021 and into 2022.

Here are just some of the incidents that police have had to deal with in the last 18 months


March 29 2021: Shots are fired at a house in Broxholme Lane, Wheatley. Windows are broken in the night time attack

April 10 2021: A woman is raped in St Aidan's Church yard Wheatley Hills

April 12 2021: A house in Maple Avenue, Cantley, is attacked by gunmen. Armed response officers are deployed and two people are arrested at the scene on suspicion of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

A short time later, officers receive reports of an abandoned vehicle, a blue Subaru Forester on Mill Street, Armthorpe. A number of weapons are located at the scene.

April 29 2021: A house and three cars in Malvern Road, Intake are shot at. No one is injured in the incident.

May 6 2021: A man, 30, is seriously injured in a shooting at a house in Aldesworth Road, Cantley. A man is charged with attempted murder.

May 16 2021: Residents living in Thorne Road and Winchester Avenue, Wheatley report hearing a ‘volley of gunfire’ as windows are shot throught at another property.

May 18 2021: Shots are fired at the house on Aldesworth Road again, and the property set alight. A car parked outside the house is also damaged.

May 20 2021: A house in Barnby Dun Road, Wheatley is sealed off after a house and car are fired at by men with guns

May 21 2021: A number of properties in Exeter Road, Wheatley have windows shattered after men open fire in the street.

June 6 2021: A 15 and 16 year old are arrested after shots are fired at a house in Thorpehall Road, Edenthorpe.

June 9 2021: A 25-year-old woman is attacked by two men with a knife in Coppice Lane, Hatfield

June 10 2021: Shots are fired at a house in Chalmers Drive, Clay Lane following an earlier incident in which drivers of cars faced off with weapons following a collision.

June 17 2021: Two men are seriously injured after a machete attack at a gym in Skellow

June 23 2021: Three people are taken to hospital after a stabbing outside a pizza shop in Dunsville

July 14 2021: A man was arrested after the attempted rape of a 17-year-old girl in Elmfield Park in broad daylight

August 1 2021: An 18-year-old woman was attacked in Armthorpe Road near to Doncaster Royal Infirmary. A man appeared in court charged with attempted rape.

August 8 2021: A path leading to the Trans Pennine Trail from Centurion Way, Bentley was sealed off after a woman in her 20s, was raped

August 13 2021: A man in his 60s suffers serious injuries after being stabbed in Somerset Road, Hyde Park

August 16 2021: A man is attacked with weapons by a gang outside the Broadway Hotel in Dunscroft

August 18 2021: A man, 24, is seriously injured after being shot in Bentley Road.

August 22 2021: Reports of a stabbing and beating in Clumber Road after a man is attacked

August 23 2021: Police in Doncaster reveal they are investigating two rapes on the same day while in a separate incident a man perforfmed a sex act in front of a shocked dog walker.

August 25 2021: A 51 year-old man was injured after a number of separate shootings in the Milner Road area of Balby

September 1 2021: A 45-year-old man is taken to hospital with stab wounds following an incident near to Doncaster Interchange.

September 11 2021: A man in his 20s is seriously injured after a reported machete attack in Thorne Road

September 27 2021: Jason Holmes is arrested after attempted rape at the scene of a motorway crash on the M180 near Doncaster and later jailed for the attack.

October 30 2021: A gang is jailed for the drive-by shooting of Lewis Williams, shot dead in Mexborough in January

November 1 2021: Teenager Joevester Takyi-Sarpong, 18, suffered fatal stab wounds in Catherine Street, sparking a murder probe

November 3 2021: A man is stabbed at a fireworks display in Edlington

November 14 2021: A woman is sexually assaulted by a man in Scot Lane

November 20 2021: A 26 year old man is injured in a shooting in Armthorpe

November 25 2021: A group of disabled teens are attacked by a group of 15-20 men in Doncaster town centre

December 14 2021: A knife wielding robber threatens a shop assistant at a store in Beckett Road.

December 16 2021: Two women arrested on suspicion of murder after the body of newborn baby is found at house in Rossington

December 18 2021: A woman escapes unharmed after an attempted rape in Chequer Road.

December 20 2021: A woman in her 40s is punched in the face by a man in Armthorpe

December 24 2021: An investigation is launched after a 25-year-old man is shot in Cantley

January 11 2022: Graham Del Mar is jailed for six years and nine months following the attack in Aldesworth Road, Cantley last summer.

January 14: A man in his thirties is seriously injured in a stabbing outside the Premier Inn in Doncaster

January 16: A 51-year-old man suffers serious injuries to his leg after two men in a car jump out and attack him in Church Way

January 20: Police are called to Coronach Way in Rossington after reports of shots being fired.

January 24: Thereese Soper, 29, of St Catherine’s Avenue is jailed for a violent attack which ripped a woman’s face open in a Doncaster town centre pub

January 29: Two men are killed following a knife attack in Doncaster town centre. A third is injured and taken to hospital. The deaths of Ryan Theobald, 20 and Janis Kozlovskis, 17 spark a double murder probe.

February 3: Shots fired at a house in Maple Avenue, Cantley. Later the same night shots are fired at a house in Runnymede Road, Intake.

February 6: Shots are fired at a house in Burton Avenue, Balby.

February 8: Three men arrested after a man is taken to hospital with serious injuries after an attack in St George’s Court, Thorne Road.

February 9: A man is stabbed outside the Frenchgate Centre

February 11: A man is injured after being shot in the face at house in Chalmers Drive, Clay Lane

February 13: Shots are fired at a house in Beech Road, Armthorpe. A man is injured

February 24: A 40-year-old is left in hospital in a critical condition after a violent attack in Rossington.

February 26: A Doncaster man is arrested on suspicion of rape and assaulting a police officer following an incident in Sheffield.

March 9: A woman and a passer-by who came to her aid both suffer injuries in a Doncaster street attack.

March 14: Three teenage boys are punched and robbed after being threatened by a balaclava clad gang wielding a knife in Sandall Park.

March 14: A 12-year-old is threatened with a knife by a group in Jossey Lane, Scawthorpe.

March 15: A 16-year-old boy is stabbed after a fight breaks out between gangs in Shaftesbury Avenue, Intake

March 24: A Doncaster man appears in court charged with attempted murder following a stabbing on the island of Jersey.

March 25: A 15-year-old boy is injured after being attacked with a metal bar in Armthorpe.

March 25: A 52-year-old man is assaulted with a metal bar in Mansfield Road, Balby.

March 31: A man suffers serious injuries after a baseball attack in Laurel Road, Armthorpe

April 4: Men brandishing weapons attack a house in Lowgate, Scawthorpe.

April 12: A man suffers serious injuries after a stabbing in West Melton.

April 21: A man is stabbed in Truro Avenue, Wheatley

May 1: A murder probe is launched after Jamie Kelly, a 30-year-old from Leeds, dies following an assault in Silver Street with four people arrested.

May 16: A gang of teenagers are filmed attacking a house in Edlington, smashing doors and windows with metal poles and bricks.

May 17: A man is assaulted in a homophobic attack outside a pub in Dunscroft.

May 17: A 66-year-old woman is punched in the face and her car stolen in an attack in Thorne.

May 24: A man in arrested after a number of people are subjected to a racist attack at Doncaster railway station.

May 27: Arrests are made after a man suffers gunshot wounds in Prince’s Crescent, Edlington.

May 28: A woman is taken to hospital after suffering a heart attack when confronting two young yobs terrorising her home in Wheatley.

June 3: Three people arrested on charges of attempted murder after a teenager is stabbed three times in Doncaster city centre.

June 9: A 60-year-old man is attacked and robbed in Chequer Road.

June 24: A man is arrested after a shot is fired near to Cantley Park.

June 27: A 16-year-old boy is arrested after a woman is threatened with a gun from a car in Lothian Road, Intake.

June 28: An attempt is made to drag a woman into a car in Amersall Road, Scawthorpe.

June 29: Police flood Warmsworth Park after reports of a man carrying a gun.

June 30: A 15-year-old and 20-year-old are arrested after a man is stabbed in Westminster Crescent, Intake

July 2: Steven Ling, 38, appears in court charged with murder after a 28-year-old man dies following an early hours incident in South Parade.

July 6: Large parts of Doncaster city centre cordoned off folllowing a serious incident.


Here’s a look back at just some of the incidents which have blighted Silver Street in recent years.

August 2015: A murder probe is launched after Lewis Siddall, 24, dies at home following an attack at VDKA bar in Silver Street

December 2015: Two people are arrested after a woman, 31, suffers serious facial inju ries in an attack outside La Barraca.

May 2016: Police appeal for witnesses after a serious assault near the junction with Hall Gate

July 2017: A rape investigation is launched after a woman, 18, is attacked at a bar.

October 2017: A man is injured after being stabbed in the back in Silver Street in an early hours attack

April 2018: A man suffers serious injuries after being attacked by three men near to Mambo bar

June 2018: A 24-year-old man is charged with attacking a police officer after England’s World Cup victory over Panama.

June 2018: Police appeal for order during World Cup matches after two men are injured when they fall through a bus shelter celebrating an England victory

March 2019: A man, 18, is arrested following a number of sex attacks on women in Silver Street in January of the same year.

November 2019: A mass brawl in East Laith Gate spills over into Silver Street, with more than 50 people involved

January 2022: Ryan Theobald, 20 and Janis Kozlovskis, 17, suffer fatal stab wounds after violence flares, with police launching a double murder probe

March 2022: A woman says crime gangs are shipping stolen mobile phones across the Pennines to Manchester after she becomes the latest victim of phone theft.

May 2022: A murder investigation is launched after 30-year-old Jamie Adam Kelly dies following an altercation outside Vintage Rockbar. Four people are arrested over the attack.

May 2022: Further reports of ‘needle spiking’ emerge after a victim says gangs have been targeting women in Silver Street

July 2022: Silver Street cordoned off by police following fresh serious incident.