Doncaster woman jailed for slashing partner in stomach as he tried to stop her self-harming


A Doncaster woman who slashed her partner in the stomach with a kitchen knife as he tried to stop her from self-harming has been sent to prison.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how in the early hours of March 3 this year, Lisa Smith, became involved in an altercation with her former partner.

Prosecuting, Beverley Tait, told the court that Smith's relationship with her partner was 'on-off' and that in the run up to the incident he had asked her to move out of the property several times due to her erratic mental state, which he believed had led her to 'hearing voices' and becoming jealous about his level of contact with other women.

Ms Tait described how the altercation broke out after Smith, of St James Street, Doncaster Town Centre refused to leave the property and began telling him she was going to hurt herself.

"She pushed him towards the window. She leaned over him with a red handled knife. There was a struggle for about a minute," said Ms Tait.

During the struggle, Smith's partner was slashed on the finger and in the stomach - and after managing to disarm Smith, he ran out of the property.

Police were called to the scene, and officers found Smith bleeding with cuts to her wrists and arms and a broken piece of glass next to her.

After receiving hospital treatment, Smith, 36, was arrested and charged with causing wounding with intent.

In a victim personal statement, the complainant described the terrifying moment the paramedics realised the extent of his injuries while he was in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

Smith admitted the offence at an earlier hearing.

Defending, Edward Moss, told the court how Smith had a difficult childhood, during which she was both physically and sexually abused.

A strained relationship with her mother had resulted in Smith suffering from alcohol and drug dependency issues, which subsequently led her to become a sex worker in order to raise the cash she needed to feed her habits.

Mr Moss added that Smith had stayed out of trouble with the law between 2009 and 2015, during which time she was on a type of medication that helped her to deal with her mental health problems - but since changing medication her life had begun to unravel.

Judge Michael Slater sentenced Smith to 10 months in prison.

He said: "This is an offence that was so serious only an immediate custodial term is appropriate."