Doncaster TV star Jeremy Clarkson says he will no longer put arms around fans over assault fears

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson

Doncaster television star Jeremy Clarkson has said he will no longer put an arm around fans when posing for photos for fear of being accused of sexual assault.

The TV motormouth said that in the current climate and following the slew of accusations against Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein that celebrities - including himself - need to be cautious when interacting with fans.

Writing in The Sun, he wrote: "I once tapped a girl on the shoulder in a London Tube station and explained quietly that she’d tucked her skirt into her knickers.

"I think she was grateful but would I do that in the current climate?

"I don’t think I would.

"Often I’m asked for a photograph and in the past I’ve put my arm round the person as the picture is taken. Well I won’t be doing that any more."

He added: "Ever since the not very good looking Harvey Weinstein was outed as a serial sex pest, there hasn’t been a single day go by without someone else coming into the firing line.

"I run a production company and employ many women. So what if I’m going to the pub at lunchtime and ask one of them to join me? I wouldn’t have thought twice about doing that two months ago, but I would now.

"There are sex pests out there. I’ve seen them at it with pretty girls at parties, “harmlessly” rubbing their backs and “accidentally” allowing their hands to rest on their knees. Any complaint is met with a pained: “I was just being friendly.”

"That’s rubbish. I can see that. But we do need to sort out the difference between the wolves and the wolf whistlers."