Doncaster train station poem launches today for National Poetry Day

Ros Jones, Labour
Ros Jones, Labour

A poem celebrating Doncaster will be officially launched later today in celebration of National Poetry Day.

Self-funded installation Doncaster’s Dignity by Paul Luke welcomes commuters and residents at Doncaster’s train station.

Paul, a Leeds College of Art lecturer, said: “I wrote ‘Doncaster’s Dignity’ about four years ago at a time when Doncaster was receiving its fair share of negative publicity.

“My aim was to restore a sense of dignity in the town and its people in the form of a personalised poem. The information in the poem is based on facts and events belonging to the town which will hopefully be used as an educational landmark for present and future generations”.

The poem’s central themes are nostalgia, sincerity, diversity and also the town’s role as an important portal for the rest of the country due to its geographically central position.

Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones is officially launching the poem at 6.30pm.

Mayor Jones said: “I am proud of our town’s rich history, the many things we have to offer at the moment and our bright future.

“It is fantastic to be able to celebrate the town in this way and share the positive with people from across the country and our residents who regularly use this station.”

Paul, of Town Moor, added: “I want to thank East Coast Mainline and Doncaster Council for their help and genuine support. The station was always the ideal location for the artwork to be placed as it remains the ‘Highway of Danum Descent’ as referred to in the first line of the poem.

“My payment isn’t financial; it’s people saying how proud they are of reading those words and relating to the sentences in the poem that has been absolutely priceless.

“This poem is a way for me to express my love of words, poetry, humanity and the regenerated spirit of Doncaster.”

The poem’s artwork has been designed to look traditional and be easy to read whilst also complementing the décor of the listed building. It has been printed by a family run business in Skellow, Doncaster.