Doncaster tourist blasts Instagram and Snapchat addicts for ruining trip to The Shard

A Doncaster tourist has blasted social media addicts for ruining London skyscraper The Shard by texting rather than enjoying the view.

Friday, 12th July 2019, 6:50 pm
Updated Friday, 12th July 2019, 6:50 pm
The Shard - ruined by selfie takers. (Photo: Colin/Wikimedia).

The Doncaster tripper, known only as Chris P, took to travel review website TripAdvisor to take a swipe at people who seem more obsessed with their phones than checking out the view from the top of the 1,016ft building which has become one of London’s favourite tourist destinations.

The observation deck 72 floors up has become a haven for Instagram and Snapchat users lounging around on the floor, according to disgruntled tourists.

The Shard - ruined by selfie takers. (Photo: Colin/Wikimedia).

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Taking to the website to review the viewing deck, Chris let his feelings be known in no uncertain terms. 

He claimed the whole 72nd floor observation deck was littered in people sitting on the floor and refusing to budge. 

He then added: 'What's more annoying is the teenagers and media addicts, sat on their phones texting or checking their Instagram or Snapchat feeds.. doing anything but looking at the view??? Why???'

And it appears he’s not alone in hitting out at those glued to their mobiles at the top of the building, the tallest in the UK and which attracts millions of people each year.

One likened the experience to 'feeding time at the zoo' while another grumbled: '£42 to fight your way through selfie takers!'

Matthew K added: A majority of the people were taking 'selfies' which isn't a problem. But then to stay in the same position and upload them to Facebook and social media, whilst other people are queuing behind waiting to see the reason we paid to go up there, is highly annoying!'

Yet another user agreed, saying that when they 'finally got up to the View it was potentially lovely but there were so many people taking selfies etc that you could barely get to the glass to look and enjoy the view.'