Doncaster taxi driver loses licence appeal after court told of FIVE accidents and driving conviction

Two Doncaster taxi drivers have been banned from the roads.
Two Doncaster taxi drivers have been banned from the roads.

A Doncaster taxi driver has lost his appeal to win back his licence after a court heard he had been involved in a string of road accidents and had a driving conviction.

Omar Abbas Mahmood, of Barnby Dun Road, Doncaster, appealed to Doncaster Magistrates’ Court after his licence to drive hackney carriages and private hire vehicles by was revoked by Doncaster Council, after fellow members of the trade reported concerns.

And in another case, a fellow taxi driver has also been fined after refusing to return his licence after a suspension.

In April 2017, the council received a report from a representative of the taxi trade that a number of taxi drivers were concerned about the physical condition of a vehicle driven by Mahmood that was operating in the town. On investigation the vehicle was found to be unfit and immediately suspended from service.

Further investigations found that the driver of the vehicle, Omar Mahmood, had a recent conviction for driving without due care and attention, which he had failed to disclose to the council. He had also been involved in five road traffic collisions involving licensed taxis in the previous 18 months, none of which had been disclosed to the council.

Furthermore it was established that Mr Mahmood had not paid the fine imposed by the Magistrates’ Court arising from his conviction for driving without due care and attention. Following a hearing to determine Mr Mahmood’s suitability to hold a licence to drive a taxi, the council found that he was not a fit and proper person and his licence was revoked.

Mr Mahmood appealed this decision to the Magistrates’ Court, and the appeal was dismissed. Magistrates said that the council had supplied “overwhelming evidence” that he was not a fit and proper person to retain his licences, and he was ordered costs of £350.

Cabinet Member for Communities, the Voluntary Sector and Environment, Coun Chris McGuinness, said: “It is great to see the court uphold our decision to remove Mr Mahmood’s licences, especially given his history of criminal behaviour and failing to follow the terms of his licence.

“It is also encouraging that members of the taxi trade in Doncaster had the confidence that their concerns would be taken seriously and investigated promptly. It is crucial that we work in partnership with the trade, and the positive result in this case is a great testament to that approach.”

Meanwhile, another local taxi driver has been fined by Doncaster Magistrates after refusing to return his Hackney Carriage and Private Hire driver’s licence, following a suspension.

Khalil Ahmed of Stafford Road, Doncaster was found guilty in the hearing at Doncaster Magistrates Court in August 2017, and was fined £440 as well as being ordered to pay costs of £276 and a £40 victim surcharge.

Ahmed had his licence suspended in 2016 after he failed to comply with the conditions, and was required to return his licence. After repeated attempts by the council to retrieve his licence failed, magistrates have now issued a fine.

Coun McGuinness said: “This result sends a clear message that we will not tolerate people breaking rules which are designed to keep people safe. If you breach the conditions of your licence in Doncaster, you can expect to have it taken off you – refusing to give it back will only make the problem worse.

“I’m pleased that the high standards of our Business Safety & Licensing team have been supported by Doncaster Magistrates, and that people using taxis in Doncaster can feel confident and safe with the service on offer”.