Doncaster supermarkets run out of ice due to popularity of chilly fundraising challenge

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Freezer shelves in many Doncaster supermarkets have been left empty, after hundreds of brave customers across the borough have rushed to stock up on ice in order to take part in the ice bucket challenge.

The Sainsbury’s store in Sandringham Road, Intake, sold out of ice at the beginning of last week.

Supervisor Julia Brown, said the store had sold more than quadruple the amount of ice they would normally sell in August.

She said: “We were saying we can’t believe we’ve sold out, this has never happened before. It must be the ice bucket challenge!”

Julia added that they hope to have more ice in stock tomorrow (September 1).

The Sainsbury’s store in Hall Flat Lane, Balby sold all 50 bags of ice in stock this weekend.

Team Leader Andrea Fagan said: “Even in the middle of summer we don’t really sell that much ice so for us to sell out is totally unexpected.”

The store should have more ice in stock later on today.

Customers have brought approximately 200 bags of ice at the Asda store on Gliwice Way over the last two days, leaving the supermarket’s supply ‘very low’.

Grocery section leader, Andrew Evans said: “I’ve had to order a load more as we’re very low on ice now and people are still buying it.”

“It’s more than I’ve ever known us to sell before.”