Doncaster spa launches Kickstarter campaign to create new Wellness Loft

The Apothecary Urban Spa has revealed big plans to share even more of it’s prominent Grade II listed building with the public – and has asked for the public’s help.

By Nik Farah
Friday, 8th February 2019, 11:42 am
Updated Saturday, 9th February 2019, 9:31 am
The Wellness Loft
The Wellness Loft

The spa, on the Buttercross junction in Tickhill, is midway through extensive renovations to its South Yorkshire property to create an artisan health and wellbeing space where members can indulge in treatments, enjoy inspiring workshops and events, and benefit from some of the finest wellbeing brands.

But now it needs the public's help to finish the project, launching a Kickstarter campaign, with rewards for those pledging, to get the work done quickly.

The Wellness Loft

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Company founder Lindsay Jones said: “Since our inception we have celebrated a 360 approach to health and wellbeing and so are bursting with excitement to be opening our Urban Spa & Wellness Studio in spring 2019.

“We recognise a lack of facilities in our local community for teachers to host and students to practice yoga classes and want to create a space like no other, offering our members the diversity and innovation of a city based studio with specialist classes, inspiring workshops and events, alongside our growing range of boutique spa treatments, but right here on their doorstep in Doncaster.

“Our goal is to create a unique space, that will play host to a vibrant yoga community, offering a welcome retreat for students and teachers to enjoy their practice, build relationships and care for their mental health and physical wellbeing through regular classes, community events and workshops.

“Just because we’re not in a city, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the same access to the wealth of wellness and health classes we know are on offer. We’ve met some incredibly talented teachers, who are equally as passionate about helping people look after themselves as we are so there is no reason we shouldn’t work together to create a one stop wellbeing venue for our community.

“There's still much work to do before we can open – we have to fit out the new studio space, furnish it, hire yoga teachers and develop and execute an interactive marketing campaign that offers support to our teachers, and gives future users of our space an opportunity to become a part of our journey, experience what it is we are trying to create and a chance feel like a part of the family we hope to grow.

“To help us reach our goal as quickly as possible, we have adopted the same innovative think of this city businesses we aspire to emulate and have launched a Kickstarter Campaign.

“Some incredible brands have lunched using Kickstarter, from video games and clothing to smart watches including the Pebble that went on to be acquired by Fitbit. We know that the decision to raise funds for our project through Kickstarter is a risky one, locally it’s relatively unknown and an untapped funding source, with most business automatically approaching the bank for lending but we’re not a normal business.

“We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and always offering our visitors something different so wanted to do something that allowed our clients and those people hope will directly benefit from the opening of the Loft to get involved and be rewarded for their support.”

With pledges ranging in price from £1 to £600 there are rewards to suit every budget. Examples of the kinds of rewards people can expect to receive in return for their pledges include but are not limited to:

- Six Week Yoga Class Block

- Skin Regimen 60 Min Facial + Skin Kit

- Yin + Tonic: Evening Yoga [group] (Partnered with Seedlip)

- Unlimited Yoga Classes for one year

- Private Massage Class For 2

- One Treatment every month for a year


Lindsay added: “By visiting our kickstarter page and pledging and helping spread the word about our project.”


Visit for details, or visit Urban Spa’s Facebook page to find the link.