Doncaster soldier, 18, suffers horrific injuries after alleged 'abduction and torture'

A teenage soldier from Doncaster was left with severe burns, knife slashes to his face, stab wounds and broken bones after allegedly being ‘abducted and tortured.’

By Darren Burke
Saturday, 27th March 2021, 3:47 pm

Cobhan Mclelland, 18, is currently in a high dependency hospital ward in Scotland following the alleged Edinburgh attack.

His family say he has been left 'scared to close his eyes and sleep at night' following the incident at a property in the Scottish capital.

The teen, based at Dreghorn Barracks, was abducted and assaulted in the early hours of Sunday, according to his family, who have set up a GoFundMe page to help his recovery.

Cobhan Mclelland was left with serious injuries after an alleged attack in Edinburgh. (Photo: GoFundMe).

An appeal said: “On Sunday morning our family woke up to a devastating phonecall to say that our son, grandson, brother and uncle was in a High Dependency Unit.

“On Saturday 21 March, Cobhan was held hostage in an unprovoked attack. Cobhan was barricaded in a flat and tortured for a long three hours. Cobhan experienced life changing trauma, he has severe burns, knife slashes to his face, stab wounds, broken bones. The trauma and pain that occurred that night is terrifying, Cobhan is currently in hospital and is needing specialist care for both his wounds and burns.

“The trauma experienced that night will change Cobhan’s life forever, a once funny, humorous boy, full of life is now scared to close his eyes and sleep at night.

“He has the kindest soul so we’re devastated to see the pain which he is in. Cobhan will now live with scars to last a lifetime, both mentally and physically.

Cobhan received serious injuries in the incident. (Photo: GoFundMe).

“Although we are so lucky that Cobhan is still alive and here with us today, we’re also in great pain knowing the long road ahead of us. We’re aiming to raise money to help towards any therapy which Cobhan may need as there is a very high chance Cobhan may suffer with PTSD from this horrible event.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "We can confirm that there was an incident involving a serviceman and a civilian in the early hours of Sunday morning. The serviceman was taken to hospital and police are investigating the incident."

Cobhan joined the Army at the age of 16. (Photo: GoFundMe).
Cobhan suffered serious injuries in the alleged assault. (Photo: GoFundMe).