Doncaster school run parents slammed for blocking road to emergency vehicles

Doncaster parents have been slammed as ‘inconsiderate’ – by parking on double yellow lines, double parking and blocking emergency vehicles on a narrow street while on the school run.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 5:43 pm

Residents in Corona Drive, Thorne say mums and dads dropping off and picking up pupils from nearby King Edward Primary School are stopping locals from getting to their homes – and putting people at risk by making it impossible for fire, ambulance and police crews to get down the road.

One, who declined to be named said: “They are inconsiderate.

"They are double parking on the school run on the worst street in Thorne.

Corona Drive in Thorne has become a nightmare during school drop off and pick up times.

"Not only are they double parking on double yellow lines, they are also parking on corners with double yellow lines and stopping residents getting on and off the street.

"It's getting that bad the emergency services will struggle to get down, it's that tight.”

Another said: “Imagine a fire engine or ambulance needing to get past to a house fire or someone having a heart attack.

"One day it will happen and you will be held responsible for causing an obstruction for the emergency services trying to do their jobs.

“This is getting a joke now, week in week out at school time. People are parking on the pavement stopping pedestrians getting past and putting them at risk as they are forced to walk on the road.”

"South Yorkshire Police and Doncaster Council really need to be acting fast before something seriously drastic happens.”

Residents can report parking concerns to Doncaster Council HERE and to South Yorkshire Police on 101.