Doncaster beauty salon's 'be safe' warning as police launch fraud probe into rival firm

A Doncaster beauty salon has issued a ‘be safe’ warning to customers after it was revealed that a firm with a similar sounding name is at the centre of fraud probe.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 24th February 2022, 11:44 am

The investigation by South Yorkshire Police is understood to centre on a beauty training provider called Hannah Kendall who is believed to be in charge of two Doncaster based firms, Beau Aesthetics and Filtr’d Doncaster.

Now the owner of a Doncaster firm with a similar name has come forward to make it clear that her business is not connected to the ones being probed.

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Police have launched a fraud probe into a beauty training provider based in Beckett Road.

Jennifer Istead, who runs Beau Clinic Aesthetics and Training, wrote on Facebook: “It has been brought to my attention that there is someone ‘trading’ under a very similar name to me in Doncaster, acting as an aesthetics practitioner and trainer.

“Please be aware - this is nothing to do with my clinic and training.

“The Beau Clinic is owned and ran by a qualifed nurse with 10 years of experience including critical and emergency care.

“I proudly display my certificates, including my university certificate. All licenses and insurance policies are out in the clinic to be seen by anyone.

“Please be careful who you choose to injrect your face or train you to do something that is highly skilled and should be 100% covered by medical insurance only.

“Your aesthetics practitioner must be able to work in an emergency - healthcare professionals – including nurses, doctors, paramedics and dental hygiene therapists - undergo 3-7 years at university to be able to safely practice, including in emergency situations, such as severe allergic reactions.

“This is happening so often now. Be safe.”

The police investigation comes after it emerged that certificates issued to Beau Aesthetics and Filtr’d trainees learning a number of roles in the beauty business featured illegal and unauthorised branding and are not accredited.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “We received a call from a member of the public alleging an incident of fraud had taken place in the Balby area of Doncaster.

“This allegation is being looked into and the investigation is in its very early stages.”

The firms are understood to have been operating from a former hairdressing salon in Beckett Road.

The premises are now locked and boarded up and social media accounts linked to both firms have also been deleted.

Meanwhile, accreditation provider The CPD group has also launched its own investigation over unauthorised branding and logos on certificates reportedly issued by Miss Kendall.

In a brief statement, a spokesman said: “The logo used on the certificate is not the logo we issue to Accredited CPD Providers or Accredited CPD Activities.

“We will pass this on to our legal department to issue a cease and desist instruction for the unauthorised use of our branding.”

When the Free Press contacted Miss Kendall for a statement in regard to the allegations, we received the following email, which was unsigned.

"On behalf of Hannah, I am emailing to advise of the current situation.

“Yesterday evening, Hannah had to clear her bank account out to people threatening her, who then arrived at her property later that evening with weapons, disturbing the peace and threatening her life.

"Due to this situation, the police are currently involved and a criminal investigation is under way.

“Hannah is not currently in possession of her phone whilst we gather all the evidence needed for the police.

“The police have seen all the evidence of Hannah’s qualifications / accreditations etc yesterday evening.

“Due to the threats to life persisting, if this is posted in the Free Press at this time we will be seeking legal action, due to the nature of the situation. We will not be commenting further until the police have done what they need to do.

"We appreciate your need for a story, and hope you appreciate my need for her life to be safe.”

Police have said they are not aware of any incidents or any violent disorder in connection with the case.