Doncaster's 'wild west': Assaults, arson attacks continue to plague village

The Royal Estate, Edlington
The Royal Estate, Edlington

Terrified residents are being plagued by nightly burglaries, street assaults, fly tipping and arson attacks in a Doncaster village.

The problems on the Royal Estate, Edlington, have gotten so bad that locals are too scared to even put their names to their accusations, for fear of reprisals.

They say the police presence, and response, in the town is non-existent, while the problems, which have plagued Edlington for months, have slowly gotten worse.

One man, who wished to remain anonymous, described nightly attacks which had he and other Edlington locals living in constant fear.

“They set fire to a van and a young lady’s car for fun,” he said.

“And broke into a lady’s greenhouse.”

He described it as the 'wild west'.

‘Loads’ of the man’s neighbours have given up, moving away because they can’t handle the troublemakers.

He said selling his house wasn’t an option.

“You can’t sell up,” he said.

“We’d get nowt for our house.”

The Doncaster Free Press reported on the troubles in the suburb in March.

Residents said they were in fear then, with ‘gun toting’ and ‘axe wielding’ thugs making their lives a misery.

South Yorkshire Police representatives say the crime rate in the area is falling, and officers will drive it down even further.

“We are aware that Edlington continues to face ongoing issues in relation to crime in the area, and our officers remain committed to tackling these, in order to ensure that the local community enjoy where they live and feel safe," Inspector Dan McKnight said.

“We have an officer dedicated to just Edlington, due to the unique challenges the area faces, and we continue to work alongside our partners in order to find ways to tackle crime most effectively and provide help and support to those who need it."

“Together, we have been working hard to reduce crime in the area and over recent months we have seen some reductions in certain crime types.

“Between March and August, incidents of antisocial behaviour fell by a third and the number of burglaries in the area fell by around 50 per cent over the same period.

“The number of incidents of criminal damage reported to us has also fallen by almost two thirds.

“That said, we are far from complacent and when we do see an increase in a particular crime, such as antisocial behaviour for example, extra patrols are deployed to the area and supported by others where necessary."

He urged the public to continue to report crime in the area.

“While we are pleased to have seen a reduction in certain crimes, we know that there is still work to be done, which is why I’d encourage people to report incidents to us," Inspector McKnight said.

“Only when incidents are reported to us can we look in to them and fully understand the extent of issues the area is facing.

"We need you to report incidents to us so that we can investigation, apprehend those responsible and provide resources and support where needed.

“If you don’t feel comfortable reporting an incident to the police, you can also report an incident online, or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”