Doncaster Rovers: Relegation will bring salary cuts - Ferguson

Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson

Relegation to League Two would result in salary cuts at Doncaster Rovers, Darren Ferguson has confirmed.

At his pre-Coventry City press conference, Ferguson was asked by BBC Radio Sheffield about relegation release clauses in view of the fact that virtually the entire senior squad remain under contract next season.

In response Ferguson did not reveal any details about such clauses - but did tell reporters that salaries would be cut if the worst happens.

“It’s clear that for everyone, from the players, myself, staff, there’ll obviously be salary cuts,” he said.

“The club have acted accordingly.

“It’s large in some cases. We’ve been fully aware of that for a while, and I think the club have been very sensible.

“It’s simple and it’s the way it should be done; if you go up a league it increases, if you go down it decreases. Simple.”

He added: “We’re fully aware of the responsibilities we have [in view of the fact that people’s livelihoods could be at stake] and when you go from one league to another it can have ramifications all through the football club.

“There’s no getting away from the fact it would be an absolute nightmare if we got relegated for all different reasons.

“Footballing-wise is the one I look at, in terms of the fact it’s not where we want to be as a football club. We’re not getting away from that, but we still feel we’ve got a chance [of staying up].”

Rovers are five points adrift of safety with three games to play.

They will be relegated this weekend if they fail to beat Coventry City and both Fleetwood Town and Shrewsbury win their respective matches.