Doncaster Rovers ready to take new approach to end set piece Achilles heel

Doncaster Rovers boss Grant McCann admitted he expects much better from his players defending corners after working hard this week on eradicating their set piece Achilles heel.

Friday, 16th November 2018, 6:11 pm
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 6:24 pm
Grant McCann

McCann revealed there will be a change of approach from Rovers at defending corners during Saturday's clash with AFC Wimbledon as their vulnerability at set pieces continues.

And he believes altering methods may be just what his players need to shake off the problem.

Grant McCann

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'It might work as a good thing for us,' he said.

'In the subconscious mind, they may be thinking a change is as good as a rest.

'That's the way we'll be thinking towards it.

'Hopefully we've nullified the problem.

'We've worked really hard at it on Thursday and Friday and we're expecting much better when we defend a corner come Saturday.'

McCann admits the issue has been a frustrating one to deal with, particularly as Rovers started the season with a strong defensive record.

And he thinks talk of the issue is weighing heavy on the minds of his players.

'It's frustrating because we know we can defend man v man as we showed in the first 12 games,' he said.

'I don't think we conceded from a corner.

'It's almost become a real talking point that everyone wants to talk about.

'It's probably starting to affect the players now.

'They're switching off for a split second and the ball is going to their man.

'It is frustrating but we'll work hard to make sure we get it right.'

On the change of defensive approach, McCann was keeping his cards close to his chest.

But he insists there has been plenty of hard work over the last few weeks to right the wrongs which he believe are holding Rovers back currently.

'We've got a different formula, a different way that we're going to look at defending corners.

'We do work very hard at it.

'People will probably look at games and think do Doncaster work on defending corners? We do every day.

'We had the meeting with the players and told them that sometimes they have to take accountability.

'We as staff cannot and head the ball out of the box for them. They've got to do their job.

'I think it's our Achilles heel at the minute.

'Our general play is very good, we're constantly creating chances.

'I think once we get that right, we'll go on another run. I think we will.'