Doncaster Rovers: Dressing gowns and slippers over football boots during spa break

It was a chance for Doncaster Rovers' senior squad to let their hair down - and they certainly took it.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 10:57 am

As the picture above shows, John Marquis definitely did.

Grant McCann booked his players in for a two-day break at Champneys Health Spa earlier this week to ease aches and pains after a rigorous period in the season and also to take their minds off football.

Taking the idea from Nigel Adkins - who managed McCann at Scunthorpe United - McCann opted to leave Cantley Park behind for a couple of days and promote relaxation over training.

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"We spend all year structuring things for the players every single day, either at the training ground or an away game," he told the Free Press.

"There was no real structure on Monday. We had lunch, then they were free until three o'clock when a hypnotherapist came in to talk to them about positive thinking.

"After that, they were free again. So they were all getting treatments, body wraps and things like that. Using the pool and the sauna, the games rooms.

"I saw a few of the boys playing draughts and chess. They were all relaxing with dressing gowns and slippers on.

"They just enjoyed themselves. It's good for them to just let their hair down and they were free to do what they want.

"It was just a day of taking our minds off football and chilling out. "

The use of a hypnotherapist may have raised a few eyebrows but McCann says the session was to promote relaxation.

"Me and my wife have used it in the past," McCann said.

"It's a girl I know and she just came to speak to the group about relaxation and positive thinking.

"You usually fall asleep after ten or 15 minutes listening to her. It's just relaxation for the boys."

Football talk on Monday was banned with McCann keen to hammer home the point there is no pressure on his players.

And he felt the trip was timely with Rovers gearing up for their final nine games of the campaign.

"I think the boys appreciated it," McCann said.

"It's a lovely place, set way back off the road. You can get lost in it.

"I think it's perfect for the group at this stage of the these.

"They can take their minds off football, the pressures of what there may be - even if there is no pressure.

"It was just about focusing on enjoying themselves and getting a bit of pampering."