Doncaster river rescue saves three men in a boat

Fire and Rescue.
Fire and Rescue.

The rescue of three men in a boat on a Doncaster river has prompted a safety warning from fire chiefs.

The trio, in their 20s, were in an inflatable boat when it got stuck on a weir on the River Don between Marshgate and St Mary’s Bridge.

They called 999 to raise the alarm and four fire appliances were sent to the river bank, including a specialist rescue unit which carries its own boat.

Firefighters used lines to secure the inflatable and then passed life jackets to the men so they would be safer if they ended up in the river.

The crews then went into their rescue boat to tow the inflatable to safety.

All three were said to be ‘slightly hypothermic’ and were given medical attention by paramedics but did not go to hospital.

The rescue at the weekend took about an hour, and it is not known how long the boat had been stuck for before they called for help.

The incident was on the same weekend a man drowned in a reservoir near Barnsley after going for a swim.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “People should avoid open water like rivers and lakes because they may not always be aware of the danger it poses. River flows can be unpredictable and water is often deeper, colder and faster than expected.

“People should enjoy water safely in swimming pools instead.”

Open water can often be unexpectedly cold, and there may be hidden currents to pull you under as well as hidden obstacles beneath the surface which could cause injury.