Doncaster pub re-opened after police closure

Cantley Lodge is open again
Cantley Lodge is open again

A Doncaster pub which was closed down by police has been re-opened - but police warn bars will close if they are deemed 'unsafe'

The Cantley Lodge was closed by police after safety concerns including an incident nearby involving a gun, but was given the all clear to re-open again by South Yorkshire Police on Friday.

Two pubs in the last month have been closed down by police because of concerns over incidents which have occurred on or around their premises, with the closures coming after officers introduced a new system for grading pubs by incidents.

Shooters, on Silver Street, was closed down for three months after an incident in June. It still remains closed.

The Cantley Lodge, in Cantley, was shut down within two weeks, with police citing a series of incidents including one where a gun was fired from a car towards the venue, as the cause of concerns over safety at that time.

But the Cantley Lodge was re-opened again after police were satisfied that it was now safe.

Doncaster Police Supt Neil Thomas said there was no specific crackdown, but the two recent closures followed the introduction of the new grading system. He added the two closures within a fortnight was a co-incidence.

But he said if pubs were not considered safe and did not co-operate with police advice, they risked being closed down for safety reasons, and officers were prepared to take action against more venues if it was necessary.

He said: "We have a new system for categorising pubs, and this is a new approach.

"We are classing them by the number of incidents, the severity of incidents that are being recorded, and how frequent the incidents are.

"We appreciate when landlords invite people into their pub you can't legislate for how they behave, if there is a fight or an unsavoury incident.

"But if it is down to, for instance, lack of control by door staff, lack of CCTV or not checking ages, then we would consider that poor management.

"It is not always the landlord's fault but if it is happening because they're not running it properly then it is up to us to step in."

Police have the power to close pubs and to vary their licensing conditions, through alterations to details such as opening hours.

Bars have been notified of the new system through talks with Doncaster Pub Watch.