Doncaster pro-EU group hits back at MP Caroline Flint over 'dishonesty' claims

A Doncaster pro-EU group has hit back at Don Valley MP Caroline Flint over accusations of ‘dishonesty’

Friday, 20th September 2019, 8:50 pm
Updated Saturday, 28th September 2019, 4:03 am
Best for Doncaster and Caroline Flint have clashed over the petition.

Anti-Brexit group Best For Doncaster set up a petition from people in Ms Flint’s Don Valley constituency urging her to do everything in a power to prevent a no deal Brexit on October 31.

The group said that Ms Flint, who campaigned for Remain but has previously spoken of her desire to respect the result of the referendum result is now backing Prime Minister Boris Johnson's ‘do or die’ Brexit.

However, the MP hit back at the petition, calling it dishonest.

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Now Best for Doncaster have hit back at the claims, urging her to back no Brexit at all, rather than a no deal Brexit.

Campaigners pointed to a video showing the MP stating in an interview on the BBC Politics show that in a choice between a “no deal” Brexit and no Brexit, she would vote for a “no deal” Brexit. The campaigners further highlighted that her voting record at that point showed that she had voted against amendments aimed at preventing a “no deal” Brexit.

Ms Flint later repeated her accusation that “this characterisation of my view is simply dishonest” and that she had not received the petition signatures.

“Given that there is video evidence of Ms Flint saying that she would choose ‘no deal’ over no Brexit, I find it baffling that Ms Flint accused us of lying” says Best for Doncaster Chair, Frederika Roberts.

“The letter we sent accompanying the petition also states “we were pleased to see that you voted in favour of the Benn Act to prevent a ‘no deal’ Brexit. This gives us hope that, should it come

to a choice between “no deal” and no Brexit, you may decide to do the right thing for your constituents and the country after all.”

Frederika Roberts, who is also one of Ms Flint’s constituents, added: “We are simply asking Caroline Flint to do what she believes, in good conscience, to be the best thing for her constituents and the country, and to do everything she can to prevent us crashing out without a deal, even if it ultimately comes down to that or no Brexit.

“A ‘no deal’ Brexit would mean many more years of Parliamentary time being taken up with Brexit rather than other essential issues such as climate change and poverty. Nobody voted for food and medicine shortages, job losses and decades of financial hardship.”