Doncaster postal workers walk out on strike

Royal Mail staff outside the Middle Bank sorting depot in Doncaster this morning
Royal Mail staff outside the Middle Bank sorting depot in Doncaster this morning

Hundreds of postal workers in Doncaster have walked out on in an industrial dispute this morning

Around 240 workers at the Royal Mail sorting office, at Middle Bank, Doncaster, have walked out in a row over alleged management 'bullying'.

Steve West, an official at the Doncaster and District branch of the Communication Workers Union, said this morning: "We have we have walked out because of bullying tactics by the local management. We have walked and and it is indefinite.

"The feeling here is that morale is at an all time low. They have reached breaking point now.

"The workers have got two requests in to be balloted for industrial action. There have been no talks yet, and the company is not willing to speak yet as it is at present an unofficial action.

""But it is solid and there are 240 people standing outside the building.

"The next stage is hopefully going to be entering into meaningful negotiations and discussions to stop the bullying.

"Things have changes a lot since privatisation."

It is understood workers are unhappy about some recent sackings and overtime arrangements.

Royal Mail spokesperson, Julie Pirone, said: "Royal Mail is disappointed that unballoted industrial action has taken place this morning at Doncaster Mail Processing Unit. We apologise to customers in the local area for any disruption to their mail services. We are doing all we can to minimise this disruption.

"Royal Mail is fully committed to the process of trying to resolve concerns of postal workers based in Doncaster by following the national jointly agreed framework with the Communication Workers Union (CWU)."