Doncaster play park clean up after 'scumbags' dump mattresses and sofa

A popular Doncaster children’s play park has been given a rapid clean-up and more police patrols asked for after ‘scumbags’ dumped sofas and mattresses among play equipment.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 27th June 2022, 4:37 pm
Updated Monday, 27th June 2022, 4:37 pm

Broken furniture, litter and other rubbish was found dumped in Schofield Street Park in Mexborough by an angry dad who voiced his fury on social media.

He said: “So I was wanting to take my son to the park earlier in Mexborough like I most times do when he stays at my house and we walk to the park and we see this.

“What I’ve witnessed is absolutely disgusting.

Old mattresses and sofas were dumped in the popular play park. (Photo: Mexborough First).

“It’s meant to be a park for kids and it’s turned into a dumping ground for the scumbags that think it’s okay to dump their mattresses and sofas onto a kids park.”

The post was picked up by political party Mexborough First who swung into action on the bank of the complaint.

A spokesman said: “Following a report by a local resident, we alerted the team in Doncaster Council Street Scene who were on Schofield Street Park in Mexborough to remove the dumped mattresses, broken furniture, rubbish etc so that our lcoal children/young people can continue to enjoy.

“If you notice any similar community issues, please report directly to DMBC via 01302 736000 or online -

“Out of hours for issues such as this especially, please raise with us Mexborough First and we will get sorted as a priority.

“Increased patrols in the area by Doncaster West NPT South Yorkshire Police have been requested.”