Doncaster pharmacist praised for life-saving call in aid of pensioner

A pensioner who spent days in hospital with a severe illness has thanked the pharmacist who potentially made a life-saving phone call on his behalf.

Sunday, 14th August 2016, 1:20 pm
Grateful patient Ernest Wilkinson with life-saver pharmacist Stuart Hermiston.

Ernest Wilkinson popped into the Cantley Goodison branch of Weldricks to pick up his blood pressure tablets and pharmacist Stuart Hermiston noticed he appeared to be unwell.

After Ernest left, Stuart rang his GP surgery to say the pensioner needed medical attention. He later spent four days in hospital suffering from dehydration. After he was discharged, Ernest rang his pharmacist to thank him for saving his life.

The pensioner said: “I hadn’t been feeling well and, even though my family asked me to, I didn’t go to the doctors. When I popped in to pick up my blood pressure tablets, I had a chat like I usually do with Stuart, and he asked me a couple of times if I was feeling OK. I told him I was and I went home. Around 10 minutes later, I got a phone call from my GP who said they’d been advised, by Stuart, that I wasn’t well and could I come in.”

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He added: “I was suffering from severe dehydration and I spent four days in hospital. I can’t thank Stuart enough for making that call to my GP surgery. I’m honestly not sure if I’d still be here if it weren’t for his intervention.”

Stuart said: “I felt something was amiss so headed through to the surgery and was able to speak to one of the GPs. She said she would give Mr Wilkinson a ring and get him in for a check-up.”