Doncaster people working from home among unhappiest in country, study says

Doncaster people working from home during the coronavirus pandemic are among some of the unhappiest in the country, a new survey has said.

Friday, 14th May 2021, 1:07 pm
Doncaster workers are upset about having to work from home.

The study found that people in Doncaster are keen to get themselves back to the workplace because working from home has left them feeling sadder than people in other parts of the country.

Insolvency practitioners Hudson Weir polled 3,500 employees across the country to find out how well we have taken to working from our sofas and dinner tables during the Covid crisis.

The average employee in the UK rates their happiness working from home at 6.6/10.

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But it appears the real winners are workers in the South East, who sound like they never want to set foot in an office again - they rate their happiness at a weighty 7.1/10.

However, those based in Doncaster are clearly champing at the bit to get back to their usual place of work - with a WFH happiness factor of only 6.3/10.

Broken down by industry, the happiest home-workers are in the IT and tech industries, at 7/10.

This is understandable, given that many of them may have been working from home for part of the week in pre-pandemic times.

Surprisingly, high-earning lawyers were among the least happy WFH employees at 4.9/10.

However, it is charity workers who are the unhappiest. Given the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, many employees in this industry may be bored twiddling their thumbs as donations dry up.

The survey also found that the longest employees go without setting foot outside their front door is a slightly concerning 3.6 days in a row.

Over half of employees (66%) say they put in more hours of work each day when working from home than they do in their physical workplace.

And over half (54%) take fewer breaks than they would if they were at the office

And a significant 85% of employees have said they take fewer sick days while working from home.

Full details of the study, including an interactive map showing the happiest places where people are working from home, is available HERE