Doncaster pensioner plagued by rats

Sheila Miles in her damp out building at her property in Scawsby
Sheila Miles in her damp out building at her property in Scawsby

A pensioner says she no longer feels comfortable in her Doncaster home after being plagued with rats and mould problems.

Asthma sufferer Sheila Miles, aged 83, says her health is suffering as a result of the problems at her flat in Bewicke Avenue, Scawsby.

Family and friends said the conditions in the flat were “appalling”.

Mrs Miles, who lives in the St Leger-run property with her 50-year-old son David, said: “We feel like we’re on the verge of a breakdown.

“My son saw the last rat run into the bathroom. I was sitting in the bedroom and daren’t come out.

“I don’t even like staying in the house any more. I try to call at family or friends, or go into town, just so I don’t have to stay in the house.

“I would’ve thought the council would’ve done something more to sort it out.”

Mrs Miles has written to Ed Miliband, Doncaster North MP, after losing faith in Doncaster Council to sort out the problem.

Grandaughter Kelly Taylor said: “She has had a large rat infestation which has caused her a great deal of distress, along with a serious damp and mould issue which has affected her health.

“Both issues St Leger Homes refuses to acknowledge or attempt to rectify, instead choosing to place blame on an 83-year -old woman for, and I quote, ‘having a fridge freezer’ or for ‘excessive

tumble drying’ – she doesn’t even own a dryer.

“She is being forced to live in appalling conditions.

“The flat is disgusting and a patch of wall not affected by mould does not exist.

“She deserves better than this in her final years.”

Susan Jordan, St Leger chief executive, said: “The welfare of our tenants is paramount.

“We have visited the property to advise the tenant how to avoid damp issues and work is scheduled to repair the outhouse gutter.

“We take concerns about rats seriously and carried out repairs to resolve the problem once we became aware.

“Given the further concerns, we will visit again to reassess the situation.”