Doncaster pair gearing up for charity rickshaw ride across India

A couple of Doncaster lads are gearing for a fundraising trek through India at the height of the monsoon season.

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 11:11 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:10 pm
Jack Clarke, left, and Jay Jones, right will undertake a charity rickshaw ride through India in August.

Jay Jones, 24, and Jack Clarke, 22, will undertake the huge trek in August to raise money for Cool Earth - an organisation which combats deforestation.

The pair of electrical engineers wanted an adventure holiday with a difference, so they chose the Rickshaw Run.

"We wanted to do something different from the standard Magaluf or Ibiza," Mr Jones said.

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"It's just something different that we wanted to do."

They will travel just under 1,800 miles across India in what's set to be a massive undertaking.

The race starts in Kochi and heads north to Jaisalmer.

It starts on August 12 and finishes August 28.

It would be tough under normal circumstances, but even tougher given they'll be in a vehicle which has a top speed of just 60 miles per hour.

The pair don't know what to expect, other than plenty of rain. Their trip will come in the middle of monsoon season.

"I've never been before, and the only thing I know is it's in August, so monsoon season," Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones said he and his travelling partner had no idea where they would end up every night.

"You stop where you find yourself at that point in time," he said.

"We're just winging it, basically."

The pair were inspired by Youtube videos of the event.

"It looks amazing," Mr Jones said.

"There's plenty of culture in India."

It's a trip which Mr Jones said would test most relationships, but he said he and Mr Clarke's friendship would survive.

"We're used to working away with each other," Mr Jones said.

He looks forward to the challenges India will bring two Englishmen who are a long way from home.

"I think it will be great," Mr Jones said.

The pair also hope they can inspire others to undertake similar trips.

"I want people to see they can do something like this," Mr Jones said.

You can donate to the cause by visiting the Cool Earth page or searching for Jay Jones on Facebook.