Doncaster officers called into action minutes after collecting awards

Two law enforcement officers received awards for helping to stop a bar brawl while they were off-duty '“ and minutes after receiving the accolades they were called to spring into action again.

Monday, 26th June 2017, 12:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:45 am
PC Terry Davidson and Doncaster Council neighbourhood response officer Claire Scott receive their award from Superintendent Neil Thomas.

PC Terry Davidson and Doncaster Council neighbourhood response officer Claire Scott were handed the Superintendent’s Good Work Minute for their actions to escort a group of aggressive people out of a pub.

And after leaving the ceremony they were called into action again while off duty.

As the officers began making their way home, they recognised a wanted man in Doncaster.

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They detained him and rang through to inform their on-duty colleagues back at the station, who came and took him into custody.

Superintendent Neil Thomas said: “Their actions in both instances demonstrate their commitment, both in and out of uniform, to protect members of the public and keep our communities safe.

“I am proud to work among both officers and I hope these awards represent the thanks and recognition they both rightly deserve for their admirable work.”

The officers won their award for their actions while enjoying a drink in the Yates bar in Doncaster town centre.

They saw a group of men who had started shouting and becoming aggressive towards each other.

A member of bar staff went to a nearby pub to ask if they had security who could help them with the group, but unfortunately they did not and the group was becoming increasingly more aggressive.

The officers stepped forward and asked the bar staff if they needed help and they then swiftly escorted the rowdy group out of the pub.