Doncaster named as second worst baby-friendly town in Britain

Doncaster has been named as the second worst town in Britain for single people wanting babies, according to a new survey.

Friday, 16th September 2016, 3:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:30 pm
Where are the UK's broodiest singles?

Broody singles are more likely to be found living in London and the south - rather than Doncaster and the north, according to the study by a dating website.

The research, among 350,000 members of dating site EliteSingles, discovered that single people are more likely to want children if they live in London than the north of England.

The UK capital is the most baby-crazy city in the UK - with Mansfield the least baby friendly, with Doncaster a close second.

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The research looked into Britain’s views on having kids, asking members if they wanted to have children.

The analysis paid attention to one particular question, 'Do you want to have children?' and participants were required to answer 'yes', 'no', or 'don’t know'.

This enabled EliteSingles’ researchers to cross-check the data against gender and location and determine the facts about who wants babies in the UK.

They revealed that singles who live in London and in towns surrounding the city want to have babies more than anywhere else in the country, with 52% of singles revealing that they want to have children – a far higher percentage than the national average of 45.5%.

The survey also revealed that Northerners want babies the least, with fewer singles there dreaming of tiny socks and 3am feeds.

UK's most baby crazy towns

London - 52%

Uxbridge - 51%

Croydon - 49.5%

Harrow - 49%

Richmond - 48.5%

UK's least baby crazy towns

Mansfield - 21%

Doncaster - 20.5%

Barnsley - 19.5%

Wakefield - 19.2%

Kettering - 19%